Christmas Gag Gifts Ideas

With Christmas less than a month away, it’s time to find perfect gifts for the special people in your life. Gag gifts can bring about the humor and festive cheer that makes this season so much fun. If you’re searching for a unique and amusing present for a friend, family member, or colleague, look no further! In this article, we’ll explore ideas for gift gags, as well as a selection of items you can purchase today.

Gag gifts for your family

Many of us will be spending the big day with our families. What better way to enhance the festive spirit than with novelty gifts? Here are some ideas to make your relatives smile:

For Dad

If your Dad is a notorious snorer, it’s time to let the world know! Reward his achievement with a ‘Gold Medal Snorer Award’ shirt.

If he’s more of a golfer, why not encourage him to practice by investing in a miniature kit for putting whilst on the potty? Or, if you’d prefer something a little less disconcerting, you can buy him a desktop golf set that also doubles as a handy organizer.

For Mom

Is your Mom always losing things around the house? Help her out with these hilarious arrow sign pointers that can be placed over Mom’s keys, cellphone, jewelry, the remote control, and any other items that seem to go walkabout.

Treat your Mom to a little downtime with these lavender-infused relaxing ‘off duty’ bath salts, or a coloring book specifically designed to celebrate the fun and frustration of being a matriarch.

For Siblings

Sibling relationships usually center around at least an element of teasing and banter, all in good humor of course! Celebrate your sibling with a ‘World’s Okayest’ Brother or Sister shirt. And while you’re at it, grab yourself a shirt that declares “I’m Mom’s favourite” to wear for the family photo!

To give your siblings a laugh, as well as a little scare to unsuspecting family members, how about a remote-controlled rat? It might be best to pre-warn phobic relatives, though!

For partners

Has your partner been eyeing up a new smartphone? Catch them out with this hilarious fake iPhone box, which actually contains a bar of chocolate. They might be mad about missing out on new cellphone, but a sweet treat is slight commiseration! Check it out here.

If your boyfriend or husband is working towards a buff body, you make his dreams come true overnight with this classic muscle man apron.

Is your beloved a huge fan of pizza? Allow them to make their dining request clear with these hilarious socks. If they’re more health-conscious, you can treat them to this handy can of dehydrated water; all they need to add is a little h2o!

At the end of an exhausting day of celebration, a cuddle on the sofa is a great idea! Make the most of it by gifting your partner a tortilla blanket, so the pair of you can bundle up like a burrito!

Gag gifts for friends

When it comes to buying presents for your friends, often there’s an element of humor involved. Step it up with a hilarious gag gift!

Do you have a friend who loves a glass of wine at the end of a long, exhausting day? Take it to the maximum with a full-bottle wine glass. If their tastes are more attuned to a refreshing beer, treat them to these beer-flavored jelly beans.

If your buddy is a literature buff who enjoys a classy jibe, these Shakespearian insult bandages are a worthy addition to their first aid box! And for your friends who are doing their best at being a grown-up, reward them with some adult achievement stickers. Whether they’ve paid their bills on time, folded their laundry, or simply had the intention to go to the gym, they deserve recognition for their efforts!

Gag gifts for children

Children are often the best recipients of gag gifts; their natural sense of humor makes them great sports! If you know a kid that loves mac and cheese (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), you can prank them with this realistic-looking mac and cheese-shaped soap. While we’re on the subject of soap, how about this amazing money bar; simply keep scrubbing until you reveal a genuine bill with a value of between $1 and $50!

Looking for a sweet treat that will also make them laugh? Try a bag of unicorn farts; they’re really just delicious cotton candy, but you don’t need to tell the kids straight away! If their equine interests are more realistic than mythological, you can buy them a horse. Well, perhaps not a real one, but this finger-puppet horse will keep them entertained, and there are no expensive stable costs to worry about.

Finally, if you know kids who are budding pranksters themselves, get them started with this bumper practical joke kit, which contains hilarious props such as a hand buzzer, whoopee cushion, and disappearing ink.

Gag gifts for colleagues

If you’re participating in Secret Santa at work, a gag gift is sure to bring a smile to the lucky colleague you’re buying for!

A fun addition to any desk is a book of flip-over message cards, advising whether your coworker is out of office, on a coffee break, ready to crack open a bottle, or simply having the longest day ever. This gift will certainly help you to know whether it’s safe to approach their desk!

Memo blocks are an essential accessory for every office worker; why not add a bit of color, as well as a healthy dose of sarcasm, with this 4-pack bundle of illustrated memo pads? There’s something to suit every working mood: ‘Everything is fine’, ‘This is my life now’, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’, and ‘I’m not even trying any more’. And for the most challenging days, give your co-worker the opportunity to pull out the emergency ‘WTF’ memo block, which can be certified with a complementary ink stamp.

Finally, if you and your colleague have a particularly boisterous sense of fun, show them that you care with this charming ‘have a nice day’ mug. They might be baffled by a seemingly innocuous gift, but ask them to check underneath for a mischievous surprise!

Homemade gag gifts ​

As well as those that you can purchase, there are also plenty of gag gifts you can make at home. All you need is a good imagination, a little bit of time, and a few materials. In this section, we’ll walk you through some fabulous homemade novelty presents!

Festive ‘poop’ jars

It’s not as gross as it sounds, we promise! These gifts are particularly funny for kids, but grown-ups will love them, too. All you need are a few clean jars, some ribbon, a gift tag for each of the jars, a selection of markers and glitter pens, and the following ingredients:

To make elf poop, you will need a pack of red and green M&Ms. Make sure they are jumbled together, then decant into a clean jar. Fasten the top, then take a gift tag, write ‘elf poop’ with a marker and decorate with glitter pens. Attach with some ribbon and you’re all done!

For snowman poop, it’s the same process; just switch out the M&Ms for white chocolate buttons. Similarly, Grinch poop will require a bag of green jelly beans.

To make reindeer poop, you’ll need some good-quality milk or dark chocolate, peanuts, hazelnuts, dried apricots, or dates; you can even have a combination within each jar! Simply melt the chocolate using a bain-marie, place the dried ingredients into mixing bowls (one per ingredient), then pour some melted chocolate into each bowl. Gently mix, then take a spoonful of each mix and place on a baking tray or plate, lined with greaseproof paper. Place in the fridge for a few hours until the treats are fully set, then remove from the paper and pop into some clean jars. Decorate as above. You can make as large a batch as you like, and don’t be afraid to mix and match ingredients!

Snowman building kit – just add snow!

If you live in cooler climes, you may be fortunate enough to enjoy a white Christmas. Get ready to build a frozen buddy with this snowman building kit. You will need:

Two buttons per snowman, to make their eyes

One hat per snowman, which can be bought from a thrift shop or dollar store

One scarf per snowman, as above

One fake carrot per snowman, or you can use the real thing; just make sure to add these at the last moment!

Place everything in a gift box or small basket (you can add lametta for extra sparkle), and decorate with ribbons, glitter, and a bow. It makes a wonderful gift for children, and encourages the whole family to work together on a fun festive project!

Infuriating gift wrapping

Sometimes, you want to have a bit of fun not only with the present, but the wrapping itself. This hilarious DIY is especially perfect for situations when you have bought someone an expensive or genuinely sought-after gift, but really want to make them work for it!

Start with the gift itself; if it is not already in a presentation box, find one of a suitable size and make sure it is well protected. Then find a box of a slightly larger size, place the present inside, and wrap with a different paper. Keep going with increasingly larger boxes until you have several beautifully-wrapped layers. Place a big bow on top and plenty of ribbon.

On the big day, your intended recipient will be ecstatic to find a big box under the tree, although they’ll probably be quite confused by the relatively light weight. Make sure to film their reaction to your increasingly frustrating trick! By the time they do reach their present, they’ll of course be very happy, and will appreciate the extra effort you put in!

Christmas treasure hunt

To add a little extra fun to gift-opening, why not send your family members on a little Christmas treasure hunt? All you need to do is come up with some hints and riddles, place them around the house and garden, and purchase any intermediate gifts that you might wish to dot along the route.

You can customize the difficulty of the clues according to who will be chasing them. For kids, simple riddles regarding familiar places will make it enjoyable without being too challenging. And for adults, you can go to town with tricky hints! It’s a wonderful idea if you’re hiding all your family’s gifts in one place; they’ll be working together and using their collective talents to find their presents!

Small and silly gifts

  • Do you know a parent that spends most of their Christmas Day hunting for batteries to power up their kid’s latest gadget? Wrap up a big stack of batteries, with a label that reads “gift not included”. It’ll probably be their most useful present!
  • For the friend that loves donuts but is also watching their weight, you can gift them a small cellophane bag of ‘miniature donuts’, or as they are usually known, Cheerios!
  • What should you buy for the person who has everything? If they want for nothing, that’s exactly what you can get them! Take a jar, add a sprinkle of air, fasten the lid tightly, then add a beautifully decorated label which says ‘jar of nothing’.
  • If you have overworked and underpaid co-workers, treat them to some stress relief capsules. No trip to the pharmacy required; simply take a roll of bubble wrap, cut into squares, then pop it in with their Christmas card. The ultimate in office relaxation!
  • Do you have a friend who loves jigsaws? Challenge them to a super complicated puzzle by taking a jigsaw box, removing the parts, then adding sawdust. If you’re feeling generous, you can gift them the actual puzzle, too!

Now that you know more about Christmas gag gift ideas, you’re ready to bring some extra festive cheer! Happy holidays!

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