Secret Santa Riddles

According to a survey done by the Pew Research Center, nine of out ten people in the US celebrate Christmas. On a global scale, about 96% of all Christians take part in the celebration of this wondrous season. With all the hype that goes on whenever Christmas is about to come near, even those who do not believe in the very reason for celebrating it are practically joining the fun and excitement.

Everybody knows that the holidays brings forth so much enthusiasm among many people—old and young alike. Discounts and bargains are endlessly pouring in malls, and even in online shops that offer the best deals you can ever imagine. Whether you would look at it as a marketing strategy that is taken advantage by different companies or a huge collaboration of different individuals and groups who want to offer the best deals just to make the season merrier, the point is that Christmas is a delightful season of giving and receiving.

Secret Santa: A Tradition

Many people start giving out presents early on, as in the Secret Santa game wherein people draw their names secretly and become Santas for whoever they pick. Everyday, they will be giving gifts to the person they pick without revealing who they are, but rather giving out small clues that will eventually lead to disclosing their full identity.

This game has been a tradition for decades all over the world, and is being practiced by students and workers alike. In Ireland, it is called the Kris Kringel, while in Austria, it is known by Kris Kringle, WichteIn, Engerl-Bengerl. In the Philippines, it is called the Kris Kringle or Monito-monita. On the other hand, it is known as the Angelito in the Dominican Republic.

Over the years, this game has evolved and has been improved by different takes such as the task to guess who gave you the gift. Through the years, technology has allowed for people from all over the world to play this game of gift-giving thru the use of the Internet. Online communities now play the Secret Santa game and apps are used to assign whom a person will gift in the following days.

This tradition makes the Christmas season all the more exciting, as it usually takes place weeks before the actual day. Not only are people able to enjoy days of gift-giving, but are also thrilled with the guessing game they are doing. In this particular game, as well, people give out hints on what they want to receive as gifts, through letters that are posted on a wall or secretly given to the people who got their names.

In some places, a specific motif or theme is set for each gift-giving day, such that the persons involved in the game will need to request and provide a gift that is according to the set theme. Say for example, the theme for one particular day is “something sweet”, then the presents that will be given on that day will need to abide by that theme.

Secret Santa Riddles: Some Examples You Can Use

If you are going to join a Secret Santa game, then you must prepare yourself with riddles to give along with the gifts you will give each day. They key to a successful play is by being subtle yet creative in choosing your gifts, as well as the riddles that you will give with them.

  • This is a gift especially for you, I’m your Secret Santa, bet you can’t guess who. Accept this gift with a smile on your face, and expect another one soon in its place.
  • Yummy, yummy, yummy, tingling, a tasty, tempting treat. Won’t you be surprised when we finally meet!
  • Who could my Santa be? A he or a she? Open the gift, and a hint you will see.
  • I’m prancing and dancing all over the place because I’ve left you a gift with nearly a trace. I’m really quite proud of the way that I’ve been able to stay secret – it sure makes me grin.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m your Secret Santa, and this gift is for you!
  • A wiffin’, sniffin’ gift, especially for you. It’s from Secret Santa, bet you can’t guess who! ​​​​​​​
  • Who’s your Secret Santa? You’ll never find out! So you better not pry and you better not pout!
  • Santa left something extra special He said it is just for you. He didn’t leave it under the tree so you’ll have to follow this clue. Go to: ______________.
  • Christmas lights and decorations can be seen throughout the nation. Are you ready for the holiday? This decorative gift may help, I say!
  • Santa has visited early this year to bring some Christmas cheer. Go check under the tree, I guarantee you will smile with glee.
  • I’m giggling and laughing and shouting with glee. I’ve left you another gift, but you still haven’t seen me!
  • Your Secret Santa, your secret pal. A festive, friendly guy or gal. Looks forward to some holiday fun with lightened presents before the season is done. Watch for gifts in this location before we leave for Christmas vacation.
  • The holiday colors of green and red fill secret Santa’s festive head. With scenes of snow and gingerbread and Christmas trees and baking bread, and secret Santa reveal day which lies straight ahead! Guess who... it’s ME instead!
  • Christmas time is oh so dear, so I’m sending you some cheer. Open the sock and enjoy the surprise, some holiday fun right before your eyes. Now it’s your turn to fill this stocking. You can include any kind of treat, something that’s cute or maybe to eat. A happy friend will love to find, a holiday surprise of any kind, hanging from their door, the Christmas joy will spread some more. Thanks for joining the fun, let’s hope this travels to everyone!
  • Oh the weather outside is frightful, but this gift is sure delightful. I’ll leave it and quickly go, because who I am you cannot know.
  • You’ve been elfed! The Christmas elf has come to town, to leave some goodies, I see you have found. We hope you would like to spread more good cheer, by continuing this greeting until Christmas is here.
  • You’ve been frosted! You’ve been frosted, yes it’s true. We want to show our love for you! Now it’s your turn to share some cheer with your neighbors this time of year. When the Christmas treats are gone, make some more and pass them on. Copy this note , make two or more. Place the snowflake near your door. Make sure the Christmas fun won’t end, cut new snowflakes for your friends. And as the winter snowflakes fall, think of the One who loves us all.18.   Santa looked at his list, and even checked it twice. And he found out that you haven’t been very nice. Since coal is expensive, here’s the inside scoop, Santa is filling your stocking with... Lots of Reindeer Poop!
  • A lump of coal would be quite shocking if you found it in your stocking. But a lump of coal that you can eat? Why, that’s just a lovely treat!
  • In through the door, I flew like a flash. Set down your gift, I hope it’s a smash! Then with a twinkle and gleam in my eye, I quickly disappeared before you could spy. I can’t let you see me, I have to be quick. You don’t know my name, ‘cause I’m your secret St. Nick!
  • Sift the flour, mix the butter, roll the dough for the cookie cutter. Christmas cookies taste so sweet. They’re fun to make and good to eat. I set out to make some for you, but time ran out—now what to do? Instead of the cookies, I’ve tied with a bow, your very own serving of Holiday Dough!
  • Surprise from your secret pal! These many weeks I’ve fooled you while we’ve played our little game. But now it seems the time has come to reveal to you my name!
  • Santa’s Magic Key: This key is very special, you see, it won’t work for you or me... Hang it just outside your door, go to bed and worry no more... Close your eyes and close them tight, ‘cause Santa Claus is coming tonight!

Aside from the above examples, there are countless secret santa riddles that you can use. Just make sure to choose those which will suit the theme or the leg of the game, as some involve some kind of mystery and problem-solving. You can also place clue maps for the person to look for his or her gift, that is, if time would permit such tricks. In any way, if you can secret santa riddles the right way, you will be surely able to make Christmas better for other people, whether it is the one you’re giving gifts to, or the people who are watching you play the game.

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