Top 10 Christmas Color Schemes

Now that Christmas is just a few short weeks away, it’s time to deck the halls and give your home a festive ambience. Your options for a decorative style are boundless; whether you are going for a traditional character or something more contemporary, it’s always a good idea to have a color scheme to bind everything together. In this article, we’ll explore some of your options, to help guide you toward a style that best suits you and your family.

Traditional red, green, and gold

The quintessential Christmas color scheme. Keep things traditional with a standard natural or artificial tree as your decorative centerpiece. Use warm white string lights to illuminate; while bulbs give a more conventional aesthetic, LEDs will provide an impressive level of brightness.

Against the green backdrop of the tree, you will be looking to add red and gold decorations; baubles, ornaments, ribbons, beaded garlands, and tinsel may all be used. A gold star placed at the top of the tree is the expectation of a traditional style, but you may opt for an angel or snowflake if you so wish.

Aside from the tree, a wreath composed of real or artificial spruce provides a warm and familiar welcome to guests. You may wish to add pine cones or any other seasonally-appropriate foliage for depth and visual appeal. A red velvet bow or tartan ribbon brings the whole design together.

In terms of the remainder of your interior decoration, spruce garland along shelves and bannisters creates a festive ambience, and you can add further warm white string lights to provide soft illumination for cozy evenings. Don’t forget to hang your stockings as a final touch!

Elegant ivory and rose gold

Rose gold has experienced a moment in recent years; having caught on in women’s fashion and accessories, this gorgeous hue soon found its way into homeware, and eventually Christmas decorations. The perfect partner to blush metallic is graceful ivory; in combination, this color scheme evokes a feeling of subtle elegance.

Start with a real Nordic fur or artificial tree in a deep forest shade. You may also wish to go all the way and opt for an ivory Christmas tree. If you will be using a green tree, select a mix of rose gold and ivory baubles and ornaments, alongside ivory ribbon and rose gold garlands. Keep the lighting simple with warm white bulbs, and dress your tree carefully, ensuring that both hues are well mixed; avoid dominance of one color in any area. If you have a white tree, the decoration is far simpler; rose gold baubles, ornaments and garlands will be used, as there will be more than enough ivory in the construction of the tree itself.

For the remainder of your interior decoration, allow the traditional style to guide you. Simply replace red, green, and gold with alternating ivory and rose gold, set alongside a spruce wreath and garlands. Lighting should be subtle; warm white is the preference, but bright blue-white can also bring the best out of your decorative choices.

Vibrant multicolor

A fabulous choice for families! The key objective of this style is to inject a healthy dose of fun, and plenty of color. You are free to choose a tree color according to personal preference; green is a perfect base, but there are plenty of worthy alternatives, including bright white, ice blue, and shimmering silver.

In terms of lighting, multicolored LEDs work best; they are bright, mix beautifully together, and bring out the best in your ornaments. Speaking of which, choose a variety of colors when picking your decorations. This is a great activity in which to involve the children; allow them the freedom to select colors and styles they wish to see on the family tree, and encourage them to be creative. You may also like to set aside some time to decorate blank ornaments; not only is it a fun activity for the kids now, but you will have a delightful keepsake to hang on your tree for years to come!

Usually, a mix of lights, baubles, and ornaments are sufficient on your tree. The addition of garland or tinsel can make it too cluttered, resulting in chaos rather than a specially-curated centerpiece. Make an evening out of decorating, and supervise your helpers to ensure that the tree has a good mix of colors throughout, rather than one set of shades lumped together.

The rest of the interior decoration should follow a similar pattern; plenty of glorious color and an overriding sense of lightheartedness!

Luxurious silver and turquoise

This opulent color schemes prompts dreams of a certain luxury jewelry maker, and it is an atmosphere of classic elegance that will be replicated in your home. Start with a tree in either evergreen or white, and drape traditionally-hued string lights upon it. Select baubles and ornaments in bright turquoise with subtle silver or white accents. Silver garland provides the lavishness associated with fine jewelry, while turquoise bows give a nod to the elegant wrapping of special gifts.

Away from the tree, you may wish to emphasize silver and white, with a more understated splash of turquoise. Take your wreath as an example; adorn it with silver-painted pine cones or a garland, and finish with a prominent turquoise bow. The same approach can be taken to any spruce garlands you have hung on shelves or along the bannister. Don’t overdo the turquoise; allow your color scheme to come together without dominance of any one shade.

Botanical green and brown

The perfect choice for nature lovers. Keep your decorations simple and inspired by forests and woodland. Go out and forage pine cones, twigs, and fallen leaves; in the case of the latter, you can collect during autumn and keep the leaves pressed between pieces of absorbent paper until you are ready to use them at Christmas.

A real tree fits the aesthetic best, but a good-quality artificial tree in deep evergreen is also a great choice. Begin dressing the tree with warm white string lights; classic bulbs will give a cozier feel, but bright white LEDs are also suitable. Place pine cones – which can be decorated with glitter or spray paint in metallic hues if you wish – inside the tree or on strings at the edge. Choose metallic mocha baubles and subtle hints of gold for a festive feel. Replicate this theme with your wreath and spruce garlands, to bring a touch of the outside in.

Frosted white and ice blue

If the weather outside is frightful, make your interior space delightful by taking cues from winter weather. The combination of frosted white and ice blue is visually striking and impressively illuminating. A standard green tree is a good start, but a white or light blue alternative is even better. Choose bright white or blue LEDs to maximize the impact of this style, and decorate the tree with a mix of theme colors. If you have a white tree, put more of an emphasis on ice blue decorations, and if your tree is blue, select an abundance of white and iridescent clear trinkets. You may also add a silver string garland for extra shimmer.

Silver or white tinsel can be used on shelving and bannisters, with optional white or blue LEDs. String lights dotted around the home, as well as scattered blue and white decorations, also promote an ambience of winter festivity.

Dramatic black and red

For a unique and daring decoration style, opt for dramatic black and red. Start with a tree in the hue of deepest coal, and illuminate with white or red LEDs. Select baubles and ornaments in crimson, scarlet, and garnet; flashes of silver are also welcome, although they should be kept to a discreet minimum.

Around the house, black tinsel makes a statement, while red decorations give a nod to traditional styling. Bring in an element of green, perhaps in the form of spruce garlands and wreaths, to avoid this intense look from becoming overwhelming. If you are concerned that a black wreath is unwelcoming to guests, hang a green wreath from a black hook, and decorate with uplifting red baubles or spray-painted pine cones. There are subtle ways that the drama of this style can be integrated into more conventional designs. Be as creative as you wish!

Exhilarating mixed neon

Another courageous style that is gloriously illuminating. Go wild with the neon pallet; nothing is too garish! Begin with a tree in acid green, for a contemporary take on the traditional hue, or break all the rules with highlighter pink, bright purple, or electric blue. Multicolored lights are a must, alongside baubles in mixed neon hues. Place your decorations carefully, avoiding any noticeable color blocks. Polychromatic string garland or tinsel brings everything together, but it’s not absolutely necessary. There is certainly enough going on already!

Around the house, select bold and bright decorations to continue the theme. Your wreath should be packed with color, and it is worth considering an extension of this style in your outside spaces, with rainbow lights and projections.

This style is loved by kids (and big kids); involve them in the process of selecting your decorations, as well as dressing the home. It’s a great activity to complete together, with some festive tunes and big mugs of hot chocolate.

Sumptuous dusky pink and grey

A splendidly classy design that provides an air of subtle luxury. Begin with a real tree, or select an artificial alternative in evergreen or white. Your decorations should be a mix of matt metallic, solid color, and a dash of glitter. Keep the pink to muted tones; neon is not the right fit for this style.

In terms of lighting, warm white bulbs or LEDs are the best choice; not only do they fit in with an updated traditional style, but they are the perfect accompaniment to the color scheme, helping to bring out the best in each hue. Once the lights have been hung, add your decoration, avoiding any blocks of either color or style. Silver garland or ribbons can be used to bring everything together, and lift the overall aesthetic.

Around the home, select traditional spruce garland to decorate shelves, bannisters, and doorways, with soft white lighting and small ornaments in thematic hues. For the wreath, dress with a large pink bow in the center, and grey spray-painted pine cones scattered throughout, to provide a delightful welcome to guests. This can also be replicated for centerpieces on the dining room table, in time for a family gathering on the big day.

Regal purple and teal

Treat yourself to the colorway of royalty! This is a striking design that is simultaneously traditional in its overall styling, and contemporary in the choice of hues. It can be perilously simple to overdo, but with an element of restraint this is a decorative style that looks inviting and fabulous.

You have several options when selecting your tree. A real spruce or artificial tree in traditional forest green is a great start, but you also have the freedom to be creative, by selecting a centerpiece in deep purple, stunning teal, or bright white.

Lighting should be complementary but not overbearing. Warm white bulbs or blue-white LEDs will illuminate, not dominate, bringing out the best of your decorations. Select baubles and ornaments in different shapes and styles, and a range of colors within the scheme including violet, amethyst, grape, aquamarine, ocean blue, and turquoise. Bridge the gap with a couple of cobalt or midnight blue pieces if you wish.

Garland nor tinsel are required to complete the look, but you are free to add them if you feel that your tree would benefit. Around the home, select decorative pieces that fit the color scheme, or add them to your existing spruce garlands. For the wreath, you can spray-paint pine cones in teal and purple, or use ribbons and bows in theme colors to decorate an otherwise simple green design.

Now that you have some ideas about festive styling, go ahead and begin decorating! Whether your tastes are bold or traditional, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this time of year.

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