Best Gold Christmas Lights Review

Your holiday décor can use that extra zing that comes with hanging gold Christmas lights. Lights make everything more lively,  joyous and festive. Plus, they can be used to decorate both the indoors and the outdoors.

Today, there exist a number of different lighting options. Since the options are endless, it is up to you to choose the style you prefer and the area that needs decoration. The right Christmas lights can make the area appear inviting, warm, and cozy. 

Different Ways To Hang Your Christmas Lights

Holiday lights are the basic tool to make your house ready for Christmas. There are hundreds of ideas about how to use these lights. You can stuff them into bushes and even wrap them around stair rails. Here are a few unique ideas you can try out this year!

You can make your own shining and twinkling wreaths by using Christmas lights. Don't end your holiday decorations right at the front door! Just put up a pair of wrapped wreaths on the front gate and see as it changes how your house looks. Making the illuminated wreath is quite simple. 

Just purchase a simple wreath and some string light. Then, loosely wrap the lights around it.

If you think that simplicity is the best, then you don’t need to do much. You can just wrap a few string lights around the porch posts. This will create a nice and cozy Christmas house that you often find on postcards!

Another great idea is to make small Christmas trees with tomato cages. There might be a few tomato cages left from the summer if you're able to find them. The cage pretty much resembles tiny trees. Wrapping it with LEDs will make it look like a miniature tree.

Top 6 Best Gold Christmas Lights

  1. LED Gold Christmas Mini Lights
  2. Set of 100 Christmas Lights Gold
  3. Brite Star 150 Count Chasing Light
  4. Remote String Led lights
  5. easyDecor Solar String Lights
  6. Vickerman Mini Light Set

Best Gold Christmas Light Review!

LED Gold ​Christmas Mini Lights

These mini lights are gold LED lights measuring 5mm that are fixed on a green wire. They are beautiful, versatile, and eye-catching. They are the perfect option for decorating a Christmas tree. Furthermore, they can also be used for lining the fences and houses. The high-quality LED bulbs can work for up to 100,000 hours. Since these are almost unbreakable, these will surely last for a long time.

The LEDs feature a concave lens which produces an exclusive light halo. Alternatively, they can also be used as indoor string lights. The one-piece patented construction removes any chances of corrosion due to moisture. The lights also come with a 3-year warranty and are UL certified.


  • They give out a beautiful, warm light.
  • They offer versatility of use.
  • These lights are durable and last long.


  • Not everyone might like the design.

Set of 100 Christmas Lights Gold

These are frosted soft gold hundred lights that are strung on a green colored wire. These are the traditional Christmas lights; however, their color is completely unique! These lights are ideal for decorating wreaths, garlands, and trees.

The wire measures a total of 33 feet, and there is a space of 4 inches between the bulbs. The lights also feature end-to-end connectors. The bulbs are replaceable and have clips present on the bases. This way, you can be rest assured that the bulbs won't loosen up while the lights are being used. The bulbs can function for up to 3,000 hours and come with a 3-year seasonal warranty.


  • It gives a nice warm glow.
  • They are absolutely gorgeous.
  • They function well as a soft night light.


  • The bulbs won't last long compared to other similar products.

Brite Star 150 Count Chasing Light 

If you want to dazzle your neighborhood and be the best-decorated house, then this is the right option. Featuring 150 lights and 8 functions, these gold chasing lights are mounted on a green wire. The spectacular display and the fantastic color looks exceptional. Safe to say, these lights can put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Each strand of light measures around 36 feet and comes with a lead cord measuring 24 inches. There is a space of 2.75 inches between the bulbs. The lights also come with an eight function controller. With this controller, you can choose between various patterns. They are UL listed and are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.


  • The 8 flicker options are a nice feature.
  • These are nice and bright lights.
  • They make the tree look magical.


  • Six out of the eight pattern options are almost identical.

Remote String Led lights

These high quality string lights are made with 3300K LEDs. The string features 300 LEDs. Each bead is made with the highest precision. The lights offer 8 modes. You'll also get a remote control. The modes include slow fade, twinkle, waves, slogs, flash, combination, and sequential. The working range of the remote extends up to 15m.

These lights are waterproof and are UL certified. They are ideal for decorating parties taking place outdoors or indoors. These can be used for weddings, festivals, restaurants, shopping centers, and holidays. Moreover, they are also easy to install; you just have to plug them in.


  • They produce a stunning result.
  • They are easy to hang.
  • These lights are sure to make a room appear relaxing.


  • The lights can tangle up quite easily.

easyDecor Solar String Lights 

These lights are environment-friendly and solar powered. They are charged using sunlight so you won’t have to pay for electricity. The lights come in 8 modes. They are also easy to use; you just have to switch on the lights and choose the favorite light mode. It can be used for hanging on patios, gardens, trees, and windows for various occasions.

These string lights are also waterproof. This means that they can be used outdoors and indoors. Moreover, you don't have to worry about snowy and rainy weather. These lights also have an automatic mode. If you keep the lights switched on, then they will automatically light up at dusk and switch off at dawn.


  • They are quite bright.
  • The lights shine throughout the night.
  • They are weather-resistant.


  • The bulbs can be quite small for some.

Vickerman Mini Light Set 

These opaque gold bulbs are fixed on a white wire. The string has 100 bulbs, and the bulbs are small. The spacing between the bulbs measures 4 inches. These are super bright bulbs and have been UL listed for both outdoor and indoor use. Even if one of the bulbs burn out, the remaining bulbs will remain lit.

The lights are also equipped with a lamp-lock feature. This makes them interchangeable and replaceable too. Moreover, the lamp-lock feature also makes sure that the bulbs don’t fall out.

This mini light set also contains end-to-end connectors. With the connectors, you can connect numerous sets together.


  • The lights give a nice and warm glow.
  • The length of the lights is just the right one.
  • These lights are easy to operate.
  • Will continue to function even if one bulb doesn't work.


  • They might grow hotter than other similar lights.


Gold Christmas lights come in a number of various configurations and styles. Do you prefer a certain theme for the holiday? You can easily find the appropriate lights. Similarly, celebratory lights are available in traditional multi-colored strands. There are also some options available for those who want the classic look. 

Before choosing the Christmas lights, you must go over the specifications. This way you can know how they work and the quality they offer. The best lights are those that stay lit even if one of the bulb fuses. If you want something for outdoor Christmas décor or indoor décor, lights are ideal. They add beauty, warmth, and liveliness to the holiday celebrations!

Gold Christmas light – buying guide

There are many kinds of Christmas lights to choose from when designing a display. With this small buying guide, you can determine the lights that will suit you the best.

  • Type of light

There are two kinds of lights; Incandescent and LED. Both lights come in various bulb shapes and colors. However, there are some differences between the two.

Incandescent lights generally cost less than the LEDs do. Plus, they offer a warm glow. On the other hand, LEDs cost more. However, they consume comparatively less energy. They are also long-lasting. In fact, some are rated to burn for at least 100,000 hours! These burn at a lower temperature as well. Furthermore, they are available in cool-glow and warm-glow varieties.

  • Durability

The durability factor particularly applies to outdoor decorations. You must only use those lights that are particularly listed as outdoor lights. Such lights are designed to handle snow, sleet, and rain. You must thoroughly read the product description before purchasing one. Some of the lights are also designed to last for an extended time, making them the best options to go for.

  • Size

Christmas lights are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Want a classic look? Buying lights with large bulbs would be suitable. The light being emitted by the large bulb are the best for ranch style homes. Meanwhile, Victorian and smaller houses can benefit more from lights with small bulbs.

  • Length of the string 

With regards to the size of the light, you must also consider the length of the string. For people with large houses, buying long gold Christmas lights will be a better option. They will be able to save money, as well as time. You should know that connecting the light strings can be time-consuming and tricky. Thus, it is better to buy longer lengths of lights when covering a large area.

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