Top 10 Best Icicle Lights of 2018

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to start decorating your home! Icicle lights are a great addition to any space, indoors and out. These delightful illuminations provide a charming welcome to guests and will help the whole family to get into the Christmas spirit.

There are a plenty of different products on the market, so it can be difficult to know where to start on your search for the best icicle lights. Fortunately, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of lights that offer outstanding features, innovative designs, and excellent value.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the definitive guide to buying and hanging icicle lights in your home!

Buyer's Guide to Icicle Lights

Which styles of icicle lights can I buy?

There are two main styles of icicle lights. The first type is the traditional extended string light, which gives the illusion of twinkling icicles. These can generally be used both inside the house and outdoors, which makes them incredibly versatile.

In addition, you can now buy lights that are designed to look more physically similar to real icicles. They are also sometimes known as meteor lights. This design is also widely available in multipurpose indoor-outdoor varieties.

The lights we’ll discover in this guide are not limited to use solely around the holidays; they can add a little magic to the interior and exterior of your home year-round. This is perfect for when you’re entertaining guests, or if you’d simply like to enjoy a little evening starlight to relax after a long day!

Where can I hang icicle lights?

One of the most appealing characteristics of icicle lights is their versatility. They’ll bring festive magic wherever you place them!

The best location to hang icicle lights is on the roof or awning. Whether you live in a cold climate or not, these illuminations allow you to experience the glittering beauty of frosty weather. They are sure to impress the neighbours and provide an enchanting welcome to your guests.

You can also hang these lights around windows and doors, both inside and outside your home. They provide soft lighting in the evenings, which is ideal for date night or simply enjoying some downtime with friends and loved ones. If you’re out for the night, using these lights on a timer can also provide you with an element of security. As uncomfortable as it is to consider, thieves do tend to target homes during the holidays. By giving the illusion of your home being occupied when you are not there, it can help to deter anyone from trying to gain unauthorised access. Use them inside and out to maximise the effect.

Within the home, icicle lights are a gorgeous addition to shelves and bannisters. Their delicate twinkling creates a joyful atmosphere, particularly if used in combination with tinsel or spruce garlands. If you have children, these lights can be hung around the perimeter of their bedrooms to provide unobtrusive ambient light for story time and play dates.

Out in the garden, you can hang icicle lights from the roof of the garage to continue the theme from the house. The same idea applies to any fencing or picketing you may have. Keep the lights up all year round so that they are ready for parties, barbecues, and relaxed evenings under the stars.

Whichever way you use them, these small sparkling lights will bring a fun, festive character to every space they illuminate. Don’t be afraid to experiment; they are built for versatility!

What should I be looking for when buying icicle lights?

As with all electrical products, safety must be considered first and foremost. If you are intending to use your lights outside, double-check that they are waterproof and cleared specifically for that purpose. The majority of lights that can be used outside come with an important caveat; the AC plug or battery box is generally not waterproof, and must be protected from the elements. This will require either keeping them inside and feeding the wire out, or investing in reliable waterproof housing on the outside of your property. Whichever route you take, always make sure that you read the product description and included instructions carefully; mistakes with electricity can be extremely dangerous.

Once you have confirmed that you’ve narrowed down your choices to lights that are fit for purpose, you can check their individual features. In terms of brightness and durability, LEDs offer superior quality to traditional bulbs. Usually there is only a marginal cost difference involved, so if you have the spare cash, opt for the LEDs.

To maximise the visual impact of your lights, you may also wish to select products that have programmed features such as sequencing, dimming, and colour selection. Whilst we’re on the subject of colour, the majority of the best icicle lights are white, but you can also find multi-coloured varieties. These are perfect for jazzing up your decorative display.

Finally, if you have a considerable amount of lights in use over the holiday season, it’s worth looking for power-saving options. For a modest additional investment, these will help to minimise the energy load, and the long-term burden on your wallet!

Our Top 10 Best Rated Icicle lights List of 2017

Now that we have run through the features and applications of icicle illuminations, it’s time to narrow down our top 10 choices for 2017, which will be followed by in-depth reviews. We’ve chosen a mix of traditional-style lights, as well as more innovative and daring designs; each representing great quality and value.

  1. GE 300 Icicle-Style Clear Lights
  2. Topist Falling Rain Waterproof LED Meteor Shower Lights
  3. Candy Cane Red and Clear Frosted Mini Icicle Lights
  4. Northlight Shimmering Clear Mini Icicle Lights
  5. Security Meteor Shower Lights
  6. TORCHSTAR Blue LED Icicle Lights
  7. Holiday Wonderland 300 Clear Icicle Light Set
  8. LE LED Window Curtain Icicle Lights
  9. Gemmy LED Shooting Star Multi-Colour Icicle Lights
  10. Wintergreen 70 Snowflake White LED Icicle Lights

Reviews of the top Rated icicle lights of 2017

The GE brand is synonymous with great quality, and this fantastic product is no exception. Measuring just over 13ft with 300 clear lights packed in, this set provides plenty of illumination at a very reasonable price. The string and lights are completely waterproof, so can be used outside with confidence. GE recommends using this product with a GFCI outlet; however, if you do not have one of these outside, the lights can still be used by plugging the adapter into an indoor wall socket.

Another excellent feature of these lights is that up to three sets (for a total of 900 lights) can be connected together with one power source. So, if you have a particularly large space to cover, you can cut down on the number of outlets you need to use.

They are perfectly suited to traditional decorating styles, and can also be applied to more contemporary designs. A great all-rounder, they are just as useful inside the home as they are outside. Use them around larger rooms to bring in the ambience of a frosty night.

A 2-year manufacturer guarantee is included.


  • Great-quality product from a reliable, well-known brand
  • 300-light set can be expanded to 900 lights from one power source
  • Can be used inside or outdoors
  • An excellent all-rounder
  • Versatile to all decorating styles
  • 2-year manufacturer guarantee included


  • Traditional bulbs are not as bright or durable as LEDs

Summary: A versatile product that represents great quality at a reasonable price. No bells and whistles; straightforward lights done perfectly. The expansion feature is handy for larger homes.

A departure from traditional string lights, this product is the first of the realistic meteor-style lights we reviewed. Each set is 10ft in length, with 8 individual icicles, which are packed with 18 LEDs; this means that each meteor is spectacularly bright. Up to five sets can be connected to one power source, which reduces the need to find multiple outlets. The lights cascade in a dropping sequence, just like a real meteor shower!

These lights can be used outside, although the plug is not waterproof; the manufacturer recommends using an indoor outlet to ensure operational safety. They look beautiful when nestled into trees and plants, as well as on awnings and roofs. Their design is perfect for year-round use, and they will make a welcome addition to warm summer evenings just as much as cosy winter nights.

This set comes with a 90-day guarantee from the manufacturer, who also offer 24-hour email support.


  • Innovative meteor-style design
  • Bright and durable
  • Can be used outside, as well as indoors
  • Year-round versatility
  • 90-day manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Plug must be used inside the house
  • Cascading lights may not suit all tastes
  • Only 8 meteor lights per set

Summary: A unique design that updates the humble icicle light. This set may not fit in with a traditional style of decorating, but it will delight anyone who enjoys something a little different! Looks phenomenal within trees and plants.

A wonderfully novel design, with a subtle nod to the ultimate Christmas sweet treat! Each set measures 9ft in length and comes with 100 lights, split evenly between red and white bulbs.  They can be used outside, but the plug is not waterproof and must remain indoors.

Best suited to roofs, awnings, and fences, these lights make a bold and beautiful statement without being excessively ostentatious. They fit in very well with a traditional style of decoration, and can also form part of a more contemporary design.

One drawback is that this set does not having any sequencing options, operating only as static lights. Even a modest upgrade to offer twinkling or simple dimming options would have been a welcome addition. Still, it is a novel design that offers something a little different within the remit of a traditional style.


  • Attractive candy cane colour scheme
  • Can be used outside
  • Fits in with most decorating styles


  • Would have benefited from at least basic sequencing options
  • Traditional bulbs are not as bright or durable as LEDs

Summary: An elegant and subtle nod to candy canes, without flamboyance. The lack of any sequencing options does seem like a missed opportunity, one that will hopefully be rectified in subsequent iterations.

Traditional lighting in a miniature size! These scaled-down lights are perfect for smaller spaces, which makes them ideally-suited to indoor use. Each set measures 10ft, and contains 150 incandescent white lights, with a twinkling feature included. This feature can be switched off if you prefer, which provides an element of flexibility when styling your decorations.

These lights are cleared for outdoor use, although the plug is not waterproof and must be kept indoors or housed outside inside an appropriate cover. Their delicate size makes them perfect for smaller spaces, including garages, porches, bay windows, and fences, as well as young tress and miniature plants.

You are welcome to connect several sets of these lights together, using just one power source, to a maximum load of 210 watts. Spare bulbs are included in the box.


  • Miniature-size lights are well-suited to smaller gardens and indoor use
  • Twinkling option, which can be switched off
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Several sets can be connected together


  • Incandescent bulbs are less efficient and durable than LEDs
  • May not be sufficiently illuminating for larger homes

Summary: A scaled-down set that is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces and indoor use. The twinkling sequence provides additional magic.

Another set of delightful meteor shower lights, this time in an attractive bright blue hue. An excellent choice for homes with more daring decorative tastes! At 10ft in length, each set comes with 8 individual meteors with 18 LEDs packed in, for a total of 144 LEDs. They make a striking addition to gardens and home exteriors.

Whilst the plug is not waterproof and must be used indoors, the strings and lights are completely safe for outside application. Up to five sets can be connected together with one power source.


  • Visually-striking blue colour and meteor design
  • Lit by bright and durable LEDs
  • Sets can be connected together
  • Suitable for outside use, year-round


  • Plug is not waterproof
  • Colour may not suit traditional tastes

Summary: A bold and daring design that provides a stunning lift to outside decorations. May not be to all tastes, but this reviewer certainly approves! 

Whilst we’re on the subject of blue lights, our next choice combines a traditional design with an updated cobalt hue. 200 brilliant blue LEDs provide unbeatable brightness to your outside spaces, transforming roofs, windows, garages, fences, trees, and hedges into a spectacular winter wonderland.

Each 16ft set comes with 8 lighting modes, which gives you complete control, and a memory features saves the last used sequence. You can also connect several sets together with one power source; an excellent option for larger homes and spaces. The lights can be used outside, although the plug is not waterproof and should be kept indoors.

These lights are perfect for year-round use; although you might want to remove them from the front of your home after Christmas, they can still be enjoyed in the garden through all four seasons. If you’re regularly entertaining outdoors, or have several events coming up in the next year, this set is a worthy investment.


  • Striking blue colour
  • LEDs are the superior lighting choice
  • 8 sequencing modes for improved control
  • Suitable for outside use
  • Can be enjoyed year-round


  • May not suit traditional tastes

Summary: Brilliant blue LEDs provide a dazzling galactic display; perfect not only for Christmas, but year-round when entertaining guests or simply relaxing in the garden. Will not be a good fit for traditional decorative styles, but let’s be honest, these lights are anything but conventional!

In a complete change of pace, we’re heading back to straightforward, traditional lighting. This great value set is comprised of 300 clear lights on a 20ft string, which can be combined with two further sets on one power source, to yield a total of 60ft and 900 lights. A perfect combination for large houses and spacious gardens.

These lights can be used inside or outdoors, although the plug must be kept away from the elements. An excellent choice for those who prefer a conventional style of outdoor decoration.


  • Straightforward, traditional design
  • Three sets can be combined on one power source, for a total of 900 lights
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Good value for money


  • Incandescent bulbs are less bright and more prone to breakages than LEDs
  • No sequencing options

Summary: Simple and elegant, with a nostalgic nod to the past. Icicle lights done very well, at a reasonable price, although at least a twinkling option would have been welcome.

If you’re eager to have 300 lights up and ready in minutes, this is the product for you! This convenient curtain illuminates a space with a wall of spectacular light far more efficiently than typical sets. Use them in windows, on the porch, or on an interior wall. As they are waterproof, these lights can also be used to dress trees and large hedges or shrubs.

Eight lighting modes are included, as well as a memory function, so you’re ready to roll with your favourite pre-set as soon as the lights are plugged in. LEDs ensure that you benefit from superior brightness and durability.


  • Curtain design makes this set convenient to hang
  • Extremely versatile; can be used almost anywhere
  • Eight sequencing modes and memory function
  • Suitable for outdoor use, year-round
  • LEDs offer superior brightness and quality


  • Plug is not waterproof

Summary: A super convenient and versatile set of lights, that are useful for year-round entertaining. Good range of lighting modes and a handy memory function makes this set difficult to beat!

We’ve discovered meteor-style lights in white and blue, so how can we make the design even better? Add multi-coloured LEDs, of course! This set is certainly the most flamboyant of the bunch, and we certainly appreciate it.

This 8ft string contains eight icicles, each with eight individual power-saving LEDs (all the eights!), which move on one pre-set dripping sequence. Up to 17 sets can be connected and powered by one plug, and they can be used outside. These lights look spectacular on roofs and awnings, and provide a wonderful welcome to guests throughout the festive season.


  • Bold, bright, and contemporary multicolour design
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Power-saving LEDs
  • Up to 17 sets can be joined together with one power source


  • Unlikely to suit traditional tastes
  • A wider range of sequencing modes would be ideal

Summary: Bold and beautiful lights to suit the most colourful personalities! An attractive take on the meteor design. Comprehensive sequencing options would have been beneficial. 

If you’d like to boost the wintery theme of your Christmas decorations, look no further! These adorable LED-powered lights come in the form of tiny snowflakes. At 7ft, with 70 individual lights, single sets are a delightful addition to porches, awnings, and windows. They can also be combined with up to 43 other sets, using one power source, to create an impressively-sized string that will accommodate large houses and gardens.

These lights are waterproof, although the plug should be kept indoors. As a subtle variation on conventional lights, these will still fit in well with traditional decorations, as well as more daring styles.


  • Attractive snowflake design
  • Bright and durable LEDs
  • Can be combined with 43 other sets, using one power source
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Conventional enough for traditional tastes, with a subtle modern twist


  • No sequencing options
  • Plug is not waterproof

Summary: A cute and subtle twist on traditional icicle lights, that will delight children and adults alike! If you’re not blessed with snow over Christmas, these will give you the desired effect, without all the shovelling!

We hope these reviews will help you to decide upon the perfect icicle lights for your home. Happy holidays!

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