The Best Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations of 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the festive season now in full swing, you’ll certainly be looking at ways to bring some magic to your home. Whilst interior decorations are important, don’t forget to extend the party to your outside spaces, too!

There are various styles and products you can use to create a celebratory atmosphere in your garden. The humble string light is immediately uplifting, and versatile enough to be applied in almost any location, including within trees and bushes, above doorways and windows, on the perimeter of roofs and fences, and along paths. Rope and icicle lights are equally useful, and bring an impressive burst of illumination wherever they are placed.

In recent years, light projectors have become extremely popular, as they allow you to decorate the exterior home in a quick and straightforward way; simply plug the projector in, point it in the right direction, and you’re done! There are two main types of projector available; LED-backlit and laser. The former allows you to project more colorful and intricate designs, while the latter gives you a brighter display that can cover a larger surface at a greater distance. Both have their pros and cons, but you can combine them with other types of decoration to create a comprehensive display that will impress and amaze!

What remains as and enduring and popular option is to integrate large decorations. These bold and beautiful pieces make a statement, and there is something to suit every taste. From elegant symbols to large and flamboyant scenes, you will be able to find something that fits in with the ambience you wish to construct. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at large decorations, with plenty of suggestions to help you make a decision. Keep reading to learn more!

What should I be looking for in a large outdoor Christmas decoration?

When searching for a large outdoor Christmas decoration, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First and foremost, you must ensure that any product you purchase is safe and suitable for its purpose. Confirm that all electric decorations you intend to use outside are certified as waterproof, and if the instructions state that the power source or remote control is for indoor use only, do not take a chance and leave them open to the elements. Run the power from an indoor plug, and don’t let the remote control escape!

Next, take measurements of the areas you wish to decorate. When shopping for outdoor ornaments, check that the dimensions of the products you are considering are a good fit for the space you wish to fill. Too small, and the decoration may look out place. Too large, and it will be no good at all!

It’s also important to have a budget in mind. It’s very easy to get carried away when shopping for Christmas decorations (as it is with all festive shopping!) and spend more money than you intend to. Unless there are very extenuating circumstances, set a budget and stick to it. Certainly, make sound investments where you can, but remember that with electric decorations in particular, a minor component failure can render the entire product useless, so use caution when stumping up a lot of cash on your outdoor adornments.

The Best Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations 2017: Top 10

  • Impact Canopy 6ft Inflatable Merry Christmas Sign
  • Elf Logic 21'' White Moravian Star Christmas Light
  • Alger Set of 3 Sparkling Green Gift Boxes
  • Outdoor Nativity Store Complete Nativity Set
  • BZB Goods 8’ Inflatable Santa, Sleigh & Reindeer
  • Holiday Decorations Light-Up Mama & Cub Polar Bear
  • Holiday Time Inflatable LED Waving Elf
  • Kringle Traditions 36" LED Folding Twinkle Snowflake
  • Top Treasures Reindeer Family 3 Set
  • Holiday Decorations 3 Large 30" Christmas Bulb Pathway Markers

The Best Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations 2017: Reviews

Impact Canopy 6ft Inflatable Merry Christmas Sign

If you’re looking for a bold statement in the literal sense, you’ve found the right product! This is an unapologetically flamboyant inflatable decoration, comprised of an illuminated sign that reads ‘Merry Christmas’, plus a candy cane, Christmas tree, and blue bauble. Measuring in 6ft tall and 8ft across, it’s the festive season bundled together in an attractive and eye-catching piece.

This decoration comes with its own electric fan and adaptor, which makes inflation a straightforward and quick process; it’s up and ready in just a few minutes. Thanks to its durable nylon construction, this inflatable will be able to withstand long-term outdoor use. As well as the fan and adaptor, there are four replacement bulbs and an anchor kit included in the box.


  • Bold and visually impressive
  • Easy to inflate
  • Durable material
  • Anchoring kit included
  • Fun for kids


  • May not suit more traditional or conservative tastes
  • As with all inflatable products, there is a risk of puncture

Summary: A fantastic illuminated statement piece that is perfect for a fun-loving family. Inflates in just a few minutes, and sturdy enough to withstand the weather. Keep an eye on any sign of punctures, however.

Elf Logic 21'' White Moravian Star Christmas Light

This in an elegant and understated piece that fits perfectly with a more traditional style of decoration. The Moravian star is an enduring symbol of the season, and this example has the additional benefit of illumination, thanks to an included 40w bulb that can be replaced as required.

This star measures 21” in all directions, which makes it an ideal decoration to hang over a doorway, providing a warm welcome to all guests during the festive season. Assembly is quick and simple, with an easy clip system to attach the bulb to the durable plastic star.

While the decoration itself can be used outside, note that the power source must remain indoors.


  • Traditional decoration with added illumination
  • Bulb included and easily replaced
  • Straightforward assembly


  • May be inconvenient to run the power cord from outside the home to an indoor plug

Summary: A sophisticated Moravian star that suits traditional tastes, and gives a respectful nod to the reason for the season. Consider your power options before committing to an awkward requirement to run the cord inside.

Alger Set of 3 Sparkling Green Gift Boxes

A delightful set of three illuminated decorations designed to resemble wrapped gift boxes. They are ideal for placement on your lawn, driveway, or a flat garage roof, and will provide a delightful welcome to your guests at Christmas.

There are 40 clear bulbs contained within the set, which provides plenty of light to ensure that these decorations are noticed. Replacement bulbs and fuses are included, however an anchoring kit is not. Bear that in mind, particularly if you live in a breezy area!


  • Charming design
  • Plenty of illumination
  • Versatile decoration that has a variety of applications
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Anchoring kit not included

Summary: An interesting and welcoming design that is perfect for adorning your driveway or lawn.

Outdoor Nativity Store Complete Nativity Set

A traditional nativity scene in 12 individual parts, offering a complete set of figurines. Unlike other outdoor nativity scenes, this set is colored, which adds vibrancy and intricacy that cannot often be found elsewhere.

The composition is durable PVC plastic, and anchoring is swift and straightforward with just a hammer. Note that there is no illumination included with this set, so you will need to add your own lighting to ensure that the scene is visible at night.


  • Perfect for traditional tastes
  • Comprehensive set of nativity figures
  • Full-color durable finish


  • No lighting included; additional illumination required for visibility at night

Summary: An attractive nativity scene that is the perfect celebration of the reason for the season. Durable plastic will ensure it remains a centerpiece for years to come.

BZB Goods 8’ Inflatable Santa, Sleigh & Reindeer

A large decorative piece that will enchant kids and grown-ups alike! Formed from durable polyester with built-in lighting, this inflatable Santa scene is ready in just moments thanks to self-inflation technology. Note that the fan and power source must be protected from water.

Measuring just under seven feet in width and three feet in height, the decoration is large enough to be noticed, but not to dominate the entire yard. This is particularly useful if you are integrating other decorative elements. Ground stakes and tethers are included, to ensure a secure installation.


  • Fun and charming design
  • Durable fabric
  • Self-inflating


  • Electrical components must be kept indoors

Summary: A lighthearted decoration that will enchant visitors, especially the little ones! Be wary of how you power this product; a protective cover may be required to ensure safe use.

Holiday Decorations Light-Up Mama & Cub Polar Bear

An adorable set of illuminated polar bear figurines, wearing their miniature Santa hats and red scarves! Constructed from weatherproof materials, this mama bear and cub reach a height of two feet, which makes them perfect as part of a larger scene, or as the centerpiece in a smaller yard.

One hundred white bulbs provide plenty of illumination to the figurines, and they can be easily tethered to the ground, although a kit is not included. The decoration is waterproof, but the power source must be protected from the elements.


  • A cute design that will delight visitors
  • Versatile application
  • 100 bulbs provide ample lighting


  • Tethering kit not included
  • May be inconvenient to run power cord from inside the home to location of figurines

Summary: An absolutely adorable duo of polar bears that will warm your heart and provide a charming welcome to your festive visitors. A lack of anchoring kit is a stark omission, but tethering should be no significant bother.

Holiday Time Inflatable LED Waving Elf

Want to step up your inflatable outdoor decoration game? We’ve got it covered! This loveable elf, straight from the North Pole, is ready and waiting to greet you and your guests with its friendly wave. He’s 4ft tall and illuminated with LED lights, and self-inflates within moments.

The decoration is waterproof and durable, and you are free to use any 110v AC outlet. A tethering kit is included, which makes installation a breeze.


  • Charming inflatable elf with waving action
  • Self-inflating and illuminated
  • Tethering kit included


  • AC adaptor and setting controls are not waterproof
  • Some might prefer a multicolor option

Summary: Convenient and straightforward to set up, this cute little guy will keep you entertained throughout the festive season.

Kringle Traditions 36" LED Folding Twinkle Snowflake

At 3ft in every direction, this impressive snowflake makes a bold statement without being ostentatious. It’s perfect for traditional tastes, and works well with a nativity scene. Bright illumination is provided by LEDs, and the folding design makes storage convenient and stress-free. This shimmering snowflake is an excellent decoration to use over doorways and at the front of triangular roofs.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • LEDs provide bright illumination
  • Easy storage facilitated by folding design


  • May be too small for larger homes

Summary: A delightful and sophisticated snowflake that is supercharged with bright LEDs. An excellent choice for understated styles.

Top Treasures Reindeer Family 3 Set

This adorable family of three reindeer is illuminated by 220 individual bright bulbs. The sophisticated minimalist design makes it a fantastic choice for people who prefer unobtrusive decorations. Constructed from durable rattan, this set is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but note that the power source must be kept inside.

A tethering kit is included, as well as spare bulbs for future replacement.


  • Stunning minimalist design
  • Well-illuminated with 220 bulbs
  • Tethering kit included


  • For those who prefer a more flamboyant style, this may not be the best choice

Summary: Understated and chic, these three gorgeous reindeer are fabulous for those who are blessed with snow, or people who prefer a minimalist ambience.

Holiday Decorations 3 Large 30" Christmas Bulb Pathway Markers

Our final choice is a set of three multicolored oversized bulbs that can be used to mark your pathway, or simply to bring a pop of color to the lawn. They are constructed from durable plastic and are easy to install. Bring extra illumination to your outdoor space with these attractive and charming pieces!

Note that while the decorations are waterproof, the electric cord is not, and must be kept indoors.


  • Attractive oversized bulb design
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile enough to suit most decorative tastes


  • Keeping the power source inside can be inconvenient

Summary: A delightful addition to any lawn or pathway. Guide your guests to the festivities with these gorgeous lights!

We hope these selections are helpful, whether you choose something from our list or use it as a guide to find your own perfect decoration. Happy holidays!

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