The Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2018

Now that the festive season is upon us, you’ll most likely be thinking about imaginative ways to decorate your home. As well as a magnificent Christmas tree, welcoming wreath, and dazzling interior lights, it’s worth considering how you will dress the outside of the house. Rather than struggling to install strings of lights or large decorations, you can create a beautiful display with easy-to-use light projectors.

These small, discreet boxes can cover your home with LED-lit figures or laser-powered patterns. They are versatile and straightforward to install; simply plug in and position so that the front of your home is brought to life. Each projector comes with either a spike or a stand (or both), which makes positioning quick and accurate, for any type of garden surface.

Many of the products we’ll discover in this article also have year-round applications; some LED projectors are packed with slides for other holidays, and many laser projectors have settings that will help you to celebrate all year!

Laser vs LED: which is best?

Fortunately, there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from; whatever your decorating taste, you’ll find a projector to suit your needs! Laser projectors will display bold and bright repeated patterns that can be seen far and wide. This style of projector usually comes with at least two beam colors, and patterns can include Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, bells, and stockings, as well as solid beams that give the illusion of colorful snowfall! With laser projectors, you will generally have the option to customize the rotational pattern of the display, which gives you complete and precise control.

The key drawback of laser projectors is that the detail of design can be quite limited. Whilst the visibility of each pattern is excellent, people who prefer more complex designs, particularly those which use a wider range of colors, may not find what they’re looking for in this style of projector.

What may be more suitable is a LED-backlit slide projector. This style of projector gives you a greater range of designs to choose from, and there are no restrictions on color, as each slide is lit by clear LEDs. Use an LED slide projector to create stunning scenes, or repeating patterns of intricate figures.

Unfortunately, LED-backlit projectors do not provide as bright a display as their laser counterparts. Their projections also do not travel as far a distance. Whilst laser projectors will give a consistent result in the majority of space, the further you move a LED-backlit projector from the display surface, the less bright and clear the result. There can be significant fading if the projector is far away from the house, particularly if it is tasked with covering a wide area.

Fortunately, you can utilize both styles of projector to create a comprehensive, stunning display! They can also be used to complement traditional outdoor light fixtures, such as string lights, icicle lights, and large plastic or inflatable decorations. Both styles of projector can offer subtle effects, such as simple snowflakes, Christmas tree silhouettes, or the illusion of falling snow, for those who prefer more of an understated and elegant effect. And for people who love to see an amazing multicolor light show, both types of projectors have you covered. Mix and match to achieve a spectacular result!

The best Christmas light projectors of 2017: Top 10

When making our selections for this top 10 list, we chose a selection of projectors that offered the best range of features, excellent quality, reliability, and fair prices. You can choose something from this list to purchase, or use it as a guide to narrow down your own selections. We have listed the 10 most impressive light projectors below, which is followed by an in-depth review of each one.

  1. Woodeey Christmas 16-Slide LED Light Projector
  2. KOOT White LED Moving Snowflake Light Projector
  3. Clustars Christmas Laser Projector
  4. BEIYI Snowfall Christmas LED Projector
  5. Elepawl Spotlight Rotating Kaleidoscope LED Projector
  6. LIFU Christmas LED Slide Projector
  7. EAMBRITE Multi LED Christmas Snowfall Projector
  8. Clustars RGB Christmas Laser Projector
  9. YINUO LIGHT Star Galaxy Laser Projector
  10. ABCDOK Multicolor Christmas Laser Projector

Reviews for the best Christmas light projectors of 2017

Woodeey Christmas 16-Slide LED Light Projector

Our first selection is a versatile LED-backlit projector that comes with 16 slides for celebrations throughout the year. As well as fabulous Christmas images, there are slides for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. With plenty of annual events to celebrate, there’s always a reason to illuminate the house!

A top-quality LED lighting system ensures that the projector can handle distances of up to 30ft; delivering bright and intricate images every time. A wireless remote control is included, which can be used up to 39ft from the device. The remote allows you to switch the projector on and off, change flash and motor settings, set the timer in two hour increments (up to six hours), and reset the projector to default settings. This gives you full control of your lighting system with the convenience of remote management.

The projector comes with a lawn stake and a flat base, which allows you to install it on a variety of different surfaces. It can also be mounted to a wall with three screws, which are in the box. There’s a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee included and 24-hour customer support available.


  • Versatile projector, with slides for all major festivities
  • Bright LEDs can project up to 30ft from the device
  • Convenient remote control
  • Good range of settings
  • Variety of installation options


  • LED projectors are not as bright as those with lasers
  • Slides may not suit traditional tastes

Summary: An excellent LED projector with a variety of celebratory slides to see you through the whole year. With three installation options included in the box, and wireless remote control, this projector is convenient and user-friendly.

KOOT White LED Moving Snowflake Light Projector

This delightful projector beams a flurry of white snowflakes onto your home. Even if you are not blessed with seasonally-appropriate icy gusts, you can enjoy the effect of a polar climate. Powered by 3 watt LEDs for optimized brightness, this device will project dozens of unique snowflakes, which gracefully rotate and fall to earth, just like the real thing!

The recommended distance for optimal effect is from 10 to 16ft, which is slightly shorter than other products included in our review, so it is better suited to smaller properties and compact gardens. This product comes with a lawn stake and flat stand included, as well as a wall mounting bracket and screws. You have plenty of installation options, straight out of the box!

This style of projector will suit traditional decoration styles perfectly, and it is an excellent complement to more contemporary designs. Simplicity done well can be very sophisticated; this product exemplifies precisely that.


  • A simple and elegant rotating white snowflake design
  • Three mounting options included in the box
  • Suits traditional and contemporary decoration styles


  • Limited coverage for larger homes
  • LEDs are less bright than laser projectors

Summary: A sophisticated and understated snowflake projector; no bells and whistles, simply pure festivity. It is certainly best suited to smaller homes, but if you have a larger property, consider using this projector for smaller buildings such as garages and sheds.

Clustars Christmas Laser Lights Projector

A smart and stylish laser projector, which beams the classic combination of red and green light; perfectly in keeping with the season! This projector is pre-set with a variety of festive designs, include Christmas trees, Santa silhouettes, snowflakes, bells, and tiny dots to represent delicate snowfall.

The reach of this projector is incredible; it can comfortably cover an area of 3000 square feet, and is just as clear at a distance of over 50 feet as it is at under 20 feet. It comes with a lawn stake and flat stand, but no wall bracket. However, it is most likely that this projector will be installed at a distance from your home, which will not necessitate wall installation options.

There’s also a remote control included, which can be used at a distance of up to 60ft from the projector. The remote allows you to switch the device on and off, select either red, green, or combination beam colors, adjust the speed of movement, add flashing motion, and operate the timer; which runs at two hour intervals up to a maximum of eight hours.


  • Impressive laser coverage; perfect for properties small and large! ​​​
  • Green and red beams add a splash of color without being ostentatious
  • Fun and festive silhouette designs
  • Remote control is convenient, with a useful range of features


  • A wall bracket is an unfortunate omission
  • Green and red beams may be too brash for very traditional tastes

Summary: A wonderful entry-level laser projector, that is packed with features but won’t break the bank. A great choice for larger homes and those that simply want to shine! 

BEIYI Snowfall Christmas LED Lights Projector

If you’re looking for a subtle and elegant lighting installation for your home at Christmas, this projector is a perfect choice. Using a kaleidoscopic globe and LED backlighting, it bathes your home in rotating white flecks, which gives the illusion of snowfall. It can be used on its own, or in combination with other lighting and decoration to create a festive masterpiece.

This device will project up to a distance of 30ft, and a multi-function remote allows you to control power, speed, flash settings, and set a timer in two hour increments, up to six hours. A lawn spike is included; however, a flat base and wall mount are not.


  • Simple and elegant snowfall design
  • Remote control with good range of customizable settings
  • Lawn spike included
  • Versatile; will suit various decoration styles


  • May be too limited in options for some tastes
  • Does not come with a flat base or wall mount

Summary: This projector creates a straightforward snowfall effect, that is subtle enough for traditional tastes, but can also be used in combination with other decorations to create a spectacular light display.

Elepawl Spotlight Rotating Kaleidoscope LED Lights Projector

Another fabulous kaleidoscope-style LED projector, which creates an enthralling shimmer display. You can use this projector to give the effect of a frosted winter wonderland, and if you have a pond or pool, it will add the delightful illusion of being frozen over. Blue and white LEDs provide the lighting, and you are able to choose between single colors or a combination, which gives greater flexibility and scope for a creative display. Its versatility allows it to be used throughout the year, to bring added sparkle to every celebration.

A lawn spike and wall mounting kit are included, although a flat base is absent. There is no remote control, but a simple switch at the back of the projector allows you to control power and make color selections.  


  • Unique kaleidoscopic shimmer projection
  • Blue, white, and combination color options ​​​​
  • Versatile enough to be used year-round
  • Simple to operate


  • No remote control
  • Flat base not included

Summary: A unique shimmering display makes this an excellent addition to your outdoor lighting portfolio. Will suit traditional and contemporary decorating styles alike, and it’s versatile enough to be enjoyed throughout the year.

LIFU Christmas LED Lights Slide Projector

Another fantastic slide projector, backlit by LEDs, that creates a delightful festive montage on your home. A range of festive slides are programmed into the device, including white and multicolored snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen, bells, reindeer, and wreaths. There are also slides for Halloween, New Year, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. Whatever you are celebrating, you can add a spectacular light show!

A remote control is included, which allows you to switch the projector on and off, add flash, adjust the rotational speed, and set a timer in two hour increments, up to six hours. There’s also a lawn spike, flat base, and wall mounting bracket in the box.


  • Versatile projector with slides for various holidays
  • Remote control for convenience ​​​​​​​
  • Comprehensive range of mounting options


  • LED-backlit projectors can struggle to provide sufficient coverage for larger homes

Summary: A fabulous LED-backlit slide projector, with plenty of options for year-round celebrations. The remote control makes operation convenient, and mounting options give you flexibility for installation. 

EAMBRITE Multi LED Lights Christmas Snowfall Projector

An innovative globe design that provides beautiful green, red, white, and blue snowfall coverage. Powered by LEDs, this projector will light up your home with any combination of colors you wish. You can opt for a traditional display with simple white light, a red and white candy cane color scheme, festive green and red, galactic blue and white, or patriotic red, white, and blue. The comprehensive set of options available makes the projector suitable for other holidays and celebrations, as well as Christmas.

A kaleidoscopic globe rotates over bright LEDs, creating a mesmerizing multicolor display, which can be enjoyed up to 25ft from the device. This projector comes with a remote control, which allows you to switch the device on and off, toggle between different colors and combinations, adjust the speed of motion, select fading settings, and set a timer in two hour increments, up to six hours. A lawn spike, flat stand, and wall mounting kit are included.


  • Innovative kaleidoscopic design
  • Multicolor with customizable options ​​​​
  • Remote control included
  • Can be used for holidays and celebrations other than Christmas


  • Limited display options; snowfall effect only
  • LEDs are not as bright as laser light

Summary: An interesting and innovative take on LED projection. Multicolor display makes this device perfect for a range of celebrations, and the multi-function remote control provides convenience. Display options are limited to a snowflake design, but this projector can be used in combination with other lighting devices to create a more complex look. 

Clustars RGB Christmas Laser Lights Projector

If you’re searching for a laser projector that provides a glittering cosmic light show, look no further! Red, blue, and green dots will appear all over the front of your home, creating the illusion of a galaxy of stars. You can select any of the colors to appear on their own, or choose whichever combination you like. Instead of spending hours hanging string lights on your outdoor Christmas tree, why not decorate it in seconds with the help of this fantastic laser projector?

A remote control is included, which allows you to switch the projector on and off, select which colors to display, adjust the motor speed, toggle flash and blink settings, and set a timer in one hour increments, up to six hours. A lawn spike and flat base are included.


  • Glorious multicolored laser light show
  • Allows you to decorate the outside of your home in seconds
  • Convenient remote control with good range of settings
  • Lawn spike and flat mount included


  • May be too limited in scope for some tastes
  • Wall mount not included

Summary: An impressive laser projector that provides a stunning multicolor starlight effect. As well as decorating the front of the house, it’s a great alternative for illuminating large trees, plants, and fences.

YINUO LIGHT Star Galaxy Laser Light Projector

Whilst we’re on the subject of cosmic laser decorations, let us introduce you to a fantastic projector that creates swirling star patterns in festive green and red. Spiral galaxies intertwine with bold and beautiful supernovas, bringing your home to life with a spectacular laser show. You can select solid colors, or choose both to watch red and green stars dance together.

A lawn spike and flat base are included, as is a remote control which allows you to make color selection, adjust the motor speed and flash settings, set an hourly timer, and switch the device on and off. Use this projector on the front of your home, or direct it onto your driveway to delight visitors and passersby.


  • Festive green and white laser light show
  • Intricate star patterns, which constantly swirl and adapt
  • Remote control for convenient operation of the projector
  • Flexible mounting options


  • White and blue lasers would have been a welcome addition
  • No wall mount included

Summary: A novel design which creates a spectacular galactic light show, in a fabulously festive color scheme. The remote control makes it convenient, yet the lack of a wall mount seems like a missed opportunity. Still, an impressive variation on the usual laser light projectors. 

ABCDOK Multicolor Christmas Laser Lights Projector

We’ve shown you snowflake projectors and multicolor options throughout this review, and we’re closing with a device that beautifully combines the two. This laser projector will create gorgeous snowflakes in red, white, blue, and green. There are several snowflake patterns included, which are just as unique as the real thing!

As it uses lasers as a light source, this projector can cover an area of 2500 square feet, from a distance of 25 feet, which makes it perfect for large and small homes alike. There are options to select rotation, flashing, or static light, which can be toggled at the back of the device. Unfortunately, a remote is not included. Ground and wall mounting options can be found in the box, and it’s ready to plug in and enjoy within seconds.   


  • Multicolored lasers bring a splash of color to a familiar snowflake design
  • Excellent coverage
  • Rotation and flashing options available, as well as static light
  • Good range of mounting options


  • Remote control not included
  • Some users may find that this product does not provide sufficient decoration options

Summary: This laser projector creates bold and beautiful multicolored snowflakes, with sufficient coverage to decorate even large homes. It’s simple to use, but definitely would have benefited from a remote control. Still, an interesting addition to any home!

Spectacular light shows, all wrapped up!

We hope our reviews have been helpful, whether you select one of the projectors on the list, or use it to guide your own buying decisions. Laser and LED projectors will bring a wonderful richness to your outside decorations, and provide a spectacular welcome to guests. Good luck in finding the right projector for you, and we wish you a very happy holiday season!

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