Elf Light Laser House Projector: Create Joy with This Amazing Christmas Decoration

Nothing welcomes the holiday season better than lights and decorations. Many homeowners anticipate decorating their home as much as the delicious Christmas dinner, time with family and loved ones, and opening gifts when Santa arrives. But, no one will deny the dangers associated with Christmas decorating, not to mention the amount of time that it takes, the added energy consumed, and the need to hang all of the winter cheer you want to show. The costs of decorations is yet another concern, as many homeowners look for ways to reduce costs so that there’s more cash for the gifts!

Evenstill, Christmas decorating is a passion that many feel the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without. If you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit with awesome decorations, but would prefer skipping the hazards and headaches, the Elf Light Laser Show House Projector is the decor you’ve been waiting to find. The easy-to use decoration ensures that your home is the most colorfully, well-decorated on the block, but the time spent making the addition would make you think otherwise. This is a modern Christmas decoration that homeowners everywhere are using. 

Why use the Elf Light Laser Show House Projector?

Once the Elf light laser show is in place, the outside of your home instantly becomes a myriad of Christmas colors, shining brightly for all to see. Red and green; green and red; and rotating color options is available when using the projector. The lights are bright and vivid, and since you simply place the projector at the desired location of projection using the included stake, it takes only minutes to set-up. Surely there’s many more activities for you to spend your time enjoying aside from decorating the home.  The projector includes a remote control for even easier operation.

With a 25-foot cord, the projector is easy-to connect to your electrical outlets and extension cord so that it is ready to use in just minutes. Plus, there’s great versatility in placement locations. Many people use the projector to make their home shine, though it can also easily bring holiday cheer to the patio, barn, office, or any other location. With a 625-projection span, there’s a large circumference covered so you won't need any other decorations.

Using only 5 watts of power, the energy-efficient projector reduces those overbearing energy costs that many homeowners face after their lights are in place. So many homeowners experience utility rates that double or triple once the holiday lights go up, causing added strain well after the holidays are over. Say farewell to such worries when you opt to use this modern Christmas decoration.  It is a fun, trendy, and unique holiday decor item that certainly offers users a plethora of benefits aside from its amazing holiday lights display.

FDA-approved, safety is also of little concern when using the Elf Light Laser projector.  Since it’s the only light you need to perfectly illuminate the home, the risks are already considerably reduced, since overloaded circuits pushing large amounts of added energy is the last of your worries. The light includes a stand that helps it project from top to bottom of your home. The stand also causes the projector to adapt weatherproof qualities, making it safe to use when it is cold, snowing, raining, sleeting, or other severe weather strikes.

A timer helps users turn off the projector whenever they’re ready. Choose from 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours of beautiful projection before the auto-timer shuts off the display; until next time. This is not only a feature that makes it simple to display your decorations when you want and never a moment that you don’t, it also increases the safety of the product, giving you even less to worry about.

Some homeowners add two or three of the projectors to their home to create a fully evolved home. Imagine how spectacular your home will look when there’s projectors at every angle! The colors are spectacular and with the low costs of the projector, it is easy to add a few if you so choose. Christmas comes around only one time per year. Why not celebrate the season to the fullest? The Elf Light Laser projector lets your creativity soar, easily brightening the home and the holiday.

Elf Projector  Pros & Cons

Colorful lights lighting up your home. Who cannot appreciate such a beautiful scene, especially when it is the Christmas season? This is one Christmas decoration that you’ll love using, enjoying each and every benefit day by day. It is easy to add the holiday joy to the life of everyone in your home, as well as in the neighborhood, when the lights are shining brightly on your home. While there’s far more advantages offered to those who use this projector, there’s still a few disadvantages to consider before purchase. Here’s a look at both the pros and the cons of using this projector.


  • Includes one-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • The light show displays beautiful Christmas colors throughout the home
  • Energy-efficient
  • The only decoration you’ll need
  • Kids love the laser light show
  • The kids can even help set-up the light show. They’ll feel all grown-up helping mom and dad decorate​
  • Timer
  • Easy-to use
  • Three-step hook-up
  • Versatile; use in a variety of locations
  • Weatherproof
  • Safe
  • Attract neighbors and others to your decor
  • Your home will be the talk of the town


  • Some people think it is a lazy way to decorate
  • Won’t be able to add other decorations to the outside

It’s easy-to see there’s a plethora of advantages offered to those who are in the holiday spirit and want to show their joy to everyone in the neighborhood. Furthermore, there’s far more advantages of using the light laser than what is listed here. Once you begin using the product, those are all benefits coming to light. Since there’s few disadvantages of using the decoration, you can use it without worry. For any Christmas-loving homeowner who wants a fun, affordable, and unique way to decorate the exterior of their home, this is a product that will make a great impression.

Simply grab an extension cord, place the projector in the proper location, and plug-in to enjoy a phenomenal show. It’s great for kids, families, and anyone else who loves the Christmas holiday. And, with the light show playing, your home will certainly gain attention from neighbors and others out looking for holiday lights to enjoy. A stand and remote control is included with the Elf projector for even greater ease of use.

A Remarkable Reputation

Other people’s opinions matter. Learning this information alleviates some of the purchase worry while improving confidence that you’re purchasing Christmas decorations that create the ambiance and cheer that you want. Many happily satisfied Elf light laser projector users exist, with a plethora of positive reviews to alert you of that happiness. Take a few minutes to read some of the reviews. They’re available online at-most to anyone who wishes to read them. You’ll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly inside these reviews, helping you easily decide if it is the Christmas decorations that you want. For most people, this is the perfect way to decorate the exterior of the home. Users have made comments like:

“Awesome lights that put me in the holiday spirit. Love the colors.” - Marie H., Amarillo, Texas

“Now decorating for the holidays is something that we enjoy as a family.” - The Harris family, Hampton, Virginia

“This is by far the best Christmas decoration my wife and I have ever purchased.” - Leonard H., Atlanta, Georgia

“My entire house is surrounded by the Elf lights. I love how amazing the lights look and only wish more colors were offered so I could use it throughout the year. Highly recommended for any and all Christmas fanatics.” - Danyelle L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

These happy users enhanced the Christmas season while easing their life with their laser light show. If you’re curious to learn what other users say, you’re just a click away. Many online reviews like those above provide the insight needed to decide if the Christmas decoration is what you’ve been searching for. Take advantage of the information that is there for you and make a satisfying decoration purchase!

The Bottom Line

Decorating the home for Christmas is enjoyable for many homeowners. It certainly adds joy to the season and helps families get the spirit they want. If you’re like most people, however, the season is busy, and your agenda is filled with endless tasks to complete. Why not save time, headache, and hassle, and use the Elf Lights Laser House projector to decorate the exterior of your house? It is an incredibly easy-to-use Christmas decoration that looks great, keeps costs down, and puts your safety first. It also installs in minutes, leaving you more time to cater to the remaining tasks to complete. This is the modern Christmas decoration that beautifies your home while offering you a plethora of additional benefits. Why miss out?

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