Top Funny Christmas Ornaments 2017

At this magical time of year, it’s an exciting prospect to dress the house with lights and sparkling decorations. A festive home is the perfect antidote to shorter days and cold nights.

Whilst there are plenty of standard ornaments that are universal across many homes, you can also find humorous or novel decorations that stand out. It’s a fabulous idea to add a couple of funny Christmas ornaments; they’ll make quite the conversation piece when friends and family visit!

If you are searching for decorations that are a little out of the ordinary, delightfully quirky, or outright hilarious, allow us to show you the best products currently on offer. In keeping with the 12 days of Christmas, we’ll help you to discover the top 12 funny ornaments available in 2017!

Top Funny Christmas Ornaments 2017: Shortlist

  1. XMAS DECORATIONS Climbing Santa Claus
  2. Uni-Unicorn Pineapple Christmas String Lights
  3. Dubster Brand Plush Emoji Emoticon Face Hanging Ornaments
  4. Winter Wonder Lane Christmas Glitter Unicorn Lighted Yard Decoration
  5. Accoutrements Eyeball Christmas Tree Ornaments
  6. Design Toscano Blitzer the T-Rex Holiday Ornament
  7. Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Hasbro O Play-Doh Tree Christmas Ornament
  8. Guinness Green Collection Christmas Bauble
  9. Oh, Susannah It's Christmas and we're all Miserable Christmas Throw Pillow Cover
  10. Zazzle Pepperoni Pizza Ornament Circle
  11. Mortimer Stay Weird Santa Hat
  12. Ivation Christmas Ornament Bluetooth Speaker

Top Funny Christmas Ornaments 2017: Reviews

XMAS DECORATIONS Climbing Santa Claus

We’ll start with a large, versatile decoration that can be used both indoors and outside. This climbing life-sized Santa Claus can be placed on the roof, by the fireplace, on the garage, in a window, or anywhere that needs a little a boost of Christmas magic. He’s sure to bring a good laugh wherever he is found!

This decoration is made from lightweight materials, which makes it easy to hang. Durable materials ensure that Santa will be delighting family and friends for the entire festive season.


  • Large, life-sized Santa decoration
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable to withstand the elements
  • Easy to hang


  • Will require additional lighting for nighttime illumination

Summary: A fun and festive decoration that will delight children and adults alike. Lightweight and durable construction for easy installation and stability.

Uni-Unicorn Pineapple Christmas String Lights

Are you celebrating the festive season in sunnier climes, or wishing that you were? Celebrate a tropical Christmas with these quirky pineapple-shaped string lights.

Powered by bright LEDs, these novelty lights can be hung on the Christmas tree, around the wreath, along bannisters and shelves, or in the dining room. The lantern-style mesh construction is attractive and durable, and the versatile design makes these lights suitable for year-round use. A great alternative to run-of-the-mill Christmas illumination!


  • Quirky and attractive design
  • Durable construction
  • Bright LEDs provide excellent illumination


  • May not suit more traditional tastes

Summary: A lighthearted take on the humble Christmas light, these little pineapples are a fun way to inject a little tropical spirit into the festive season. They may not suit conservative tastes, but they are not excessively ostentatious.

Dubster Brand Plush Emoji Emoticon Face Hanging Ornaments

A great choice for kids, or anyone who is regularly attached to their phone, these hilarious emoji ornaments will allow you to express yourself on the tree just as you do with your friends!

This set contains ten of your favorite emojis in soft plush, with strings attached for straightforward use. Children love these ornaments, so encourage them to help you with decorating. It’s a fun activity for the whole family!


  • Fun for kids and big kids
  • Ten different emoji designs
  • Pre-strung and easy to hang​​​​


  • May not integrate well with other tree decorations

Summary: Make a statement with these funny emoji character ornaments. Your kids will love them, and they’re sure to bring a smile to visitors. They work best with a contemporary style of decoration, and may not suit traditional tastes.

Winter Wonder Lane Christmas Glitter Unicorn Lighted Yard Decoration

You may have already noticed reindeer decorations on your neighbors’ lawns, but have you ever seen a unicorn? Bring a sprinkle of mythology to your festive display with this magical light-up unicorn.

Suitable for use indoors and outside, this 40-inch decoration is full of sparkling LED lights, and adorned with a festive bell and adorable detailing. It’s constructed from durable materials, and the included metal stakes ensure that it remains firmly in place. Whilst the unicorn itself is suitable for outdoor use, the power source must be kept inside. Wherever you place this decoration, it’s sure to bring delight and amusement!


  • Attractive and quirky design
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Lit by 70 LEDs
  • Durable construction
  • Anchoring kit included


  • Restricted by requirement to keep power source inside

Summary: A fun and festive decoration from the world of make-believe. Great for use in the garden, but be sure to keep the power source away from the elements. Kids will love it!

Accoutrements Eyeball Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you want to keep a literal eye on the kids this Christmas, invest in a pair of these amusing anatomical ornaments. Available in sparkling green – with realistic bloodshot detailing – these peepers might give a little bit of the creepers, but they’re more likely to prompt a good laugh!

These ornaments are pre-strung with silver thread, and are super easy to hang. At 2” in diameter, they’re the perfect size to be seen without dominating the tree.


  • Intricate eyeball design
  • Pre-strung with silver thread
  • Ideal size for use on the Christmas tree, without being overbearing


  • May be a little frightening for younger kids

Summary: A fantastic eyeball design that you can use to encourage good behavior in your kids – you have eyes everywhere! Whilst younger children may find them a little scary, most will be delighted with this unusual and hilarious ornament.

Design Toscano Blitzer the T-Rex Holiday Ornament

Looking for a roar-some ornament that will spread a little prehistoric festive joy? We have precisely the right thing! This delightful decoration features a glittering bauble topped with a T-Rex wearing a Santa hat.

With dimensions of 5” x 3.5” x 2”, this little dinosaur will be noticed, but it won’t take over the tree. It’s constructed from high-quality resin and hand-painted for an outstanding finish. The ornament is pre-strung with light green ribbon, so it’s easy to hang and enjoy.


  • Entertaining festive dinosaur design
  • Excellent quality
  • Hand painted for a superior finish
  • Pre-strung


  • May not suit more conservative tastes

Summary: A charming Jurassic friend to adorn the tree! Excellent quality and quirky design combine to create a fabulous ornament that’s perfect for dinosaur fans.

Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Hasbro O Play-Doh Tree Christmas Ornament

If you have children who love to construct masterpieces from Play-Doh, or are simply nostalgic for your own childhood, this enchanting ornament is a perfect addition to your tree.

Formed from miniature versions of the classic yellow canisters, and decorated with a yellow star and green tinsel, the ornament represents the perfect mix of childhood joviality and festive nostalgia. It’s pre-strung and measures 4.4” x 2.3” x 0.7”; large enough to be seen, but not overbearing. It also comes in a gift box, so it’s the perfect present for a creative friend or relative!


  • Fun, nostalgic design
  • Gift box included
  • Pre-strung


  • May be too large for people who prefer delicate ornaments

Summary: A glorious reminder of childhood; this ornament will delight and amuse your family and guests. The gift box makes it an ideal present.

Guinness Green Collection Christmas Bauble

If you’re Irish, or simply enjoy the beverages of the Emerald Isle, this Guinness-branded bauble will be a hoot!

Presented in stylish packaging, this Kelly-green gloss bauble is decorated with the iconic Guinness branding and a delightful dusting of snow and a spring of mistletoe. It measures 3.4” in diameter, and can be used on the tree, as a centerpiece for the wreath, or in the kitchen. It’s also a great choice for bar owners. Stout lovers will be particularly appreciative!


  • Iconic Guinness branding
  • High-gloss emerald finish
  • Perfect for stout lovers


  • Not a suitable option for conservative tastes

Summary: If you love a drop of the black stuff, this is the perfect commemoration of your tipple of choice. Branding aside, it’s a great quality bauble that will amuse your guests!

Oh, Susannah It's Christmas and we're all Miserable Christmas Throw Pillow Cover

One for the bah humbug brigade, this hilarious pillow sham will give your cushions a festive upgrade!

Constructed from super-soft microfiber with an attractive cross-stitch styled design, this pillow cover measures 18” x 18” and will fit most standard throw cushions. It’s the perfect accessory for those who prefer a lighthearted take on Christmas.


  • Hilarious slogan
  • High-quality microfiber material
  • Fits most standard throw cushions


  • Pillow not included

Summary: A hilarious message for the festive season! If you enjoy a little lighthearted sarcasm, this is the perfect home accessory. As there is not one included, don’t forget to buy a pillow to cover!

Zazzle Pepperoni Pizza Ornament Circle

The perfect decoration for anyone who loves pizza, and let’s be honest, that’s almost everyone! This realistic miniature pizza is topped with a healthy helping of pepperoni and cheese, and is sure to make your guests salivate.

It’s fashioned from white porcelain, with a diameter of 2.9”, which makes it unobtrusive yet eye-catching. Full-color, full-bleed printing technology ensures that the design is clear and long-lasting. The ornament is pre-strung with green ribbon for easy hanging.


  • Delightful pizza design
  • High-quality print on white porcelain
  • Pre-strung for ease of use


  • Not suited to traditional styles of decoration

Summary: If you’re looking for a quirky design that will raise a smile and also prompt a call to the local pizza delivery, you’ve found the right ornament! Excellent quality and easy to hang.

Mortimer Stay Weird Santa Hat

We couldn’t present a list of funny Christmas decorations without including an adornment for humans! A Santa hat is arguably the most essential item of clothing to be worn throughout the festive season, and there are plenty of worthy candidates to choose from. After careful deliberation, we chose something a little out of the ordinary; a hilarious ‘stay weird’ design.

This luxurious red and white velvety hat is traditionally styled, with a wacky design in dripping red and green font. There are two sizes available; one each for children and adults. It’s the perfect choice for those who shun convention and live life by their own rules!


  • Hilarious ‘stay weird’ slogan
  • Traditional red and white velvety hat
  • Sizing options for adults and children


  • Will not fit adults with head sizes larger than 15.7”

Summary: A fabulously quirky hat that will delight at Christmas parties! The luxurious velvety design ensures a comfortable fit, although adults with larger heads are left out of the fun.

Ivation Christmas Ornament Bluetooth Speaker 

Want to enjoy some festive tunes or hilarious sound effects from the tree? Ivation have you covered! This Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly with your smartphone or laptop, and did we mention it’s also a bauble?

Despite its discreet 1.8” diameter, this ornament throws out plenty of sound. It’s easily charged by connecting the included USB cord to a plug or laptop, and comes in either ruby red or emerald green. There’s also an auxiliary cable in the box, so you can connect to devices that do not have Bluetooth enabled. Full flexibility in an attractive design!


  • Bluetooth speaker connects to most modern devices
  • Small size produces impressive volume
  • Two festive colors to choose from
  • USB charging
  • Auxiliary cord for connection to older devices


  • May inadvertently connect to any device it has previously paired with; be careful!

Summary: An excellent addition to any tree, that can play Christmas songs or hilarious sound effects, according to your choice! Good color and connectivity options. Be careful with inadvertent pairing!

We hope that we’ve helped you to find the perfect lighthearted ornament for the tree, or hilarious decoration for your home! Happy holidays!

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